The sites below are by far the best for anyone looking to get information and news about the equities markets. In my opinion, they will give you the best insights and information you need to make sound investments.


If you’re an amateur interested in knowing, learning, and navigating the investments world, Investopedia is your best starting point. The platform is the encyclopedia gateway that holds all the info you need concerning investments.

You will come across definition terms, learn how to use the stock simulator to gauge the amount an investment gains or losses over time, gain access to valuable newsletters that you can subscribe to and in return learn the best investment moves.

With this platform, users get to research stocks through ticker symbol or company name, and they are supplied with a wealth of information to help with their investment moves.

The Financial Edge section on this site ensures users attain important principles concerning personal Finance and market navigation to turn in profits with each investment.


The Wall Street Journal

For 50+ years the Wall Street Journal has been providing readers with rich information concerning investors and their research. Even today, its online and paperback platforms still deliver valuable investment info that helps many make impressive gains.

The Journal’s online presence includes; MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, among others. Use either one or all these sites to gain valuable investing info, more so when you wish to learn more information about specific companies.

Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance is an excellent website for investors. It covers a lot of information that users can gain freely and use it to make sound investments.

However, to gain access to company reports that help users make well-informed decisions, investors have to subscribe (pay monthly or annual fees).

Yahoo Finance

Motley Fool

Motley Fool investment allows investors to conduct their research, get in touch with experienced investors and learn from their experience and mistakes, and learn how to separate bad/good investments.

For users that need help, they can use Motley Fool’s paid services and financial experts will be at hand to help them make sound investment decisions that will increase their ROI.

Motley Fool

MSN Money

MSN Money is Microsoft’s powered investment news platform that gives users access to stock quotes, investment charts, latest news, etc.

The site is useful when you learn how to navigate it and don’t press ads by mistakes. Use the info displayed to know the next company to invest in. 

Investor Guide

Investor Guide website is by far the best stock helper tool. Users learn how to make optimal investing styles and strategies.

Investors are presented with a list of companies they need to research, and after completing their list, experienced investors will forward their thoughts about the companies listed.

The website aggregates the info from a bunch of sites to help users better evaluate companies, pit them against their competitions, and know where to put their money for maximum profits!

Investor Guide


Morningstar is a popular and considerable investment research platform. The site emphasizes investing fundamentals. The platform finds the nicks and crooks of every company and lays it all bare helping investors make sound investment decisions.

For users that are akin to tech analysis and know how to decipher charts, this is the best investment website.

The free information is worthwhile; however, for investors that want to gain more info and knowledge, they can opt for the subscription services/packages.