If you are looking for easy ways to make some extra money, then consider some of the following way to make your property help you do so:

1. Rent Out Your Garage Or Parking Spaces

It’s possible to earn a few hundred dollars a month if you have some garage space, or a parking space you aren’t using. This is particularly true if the property is close to an event center or sports arena or even an airport or train station where there is a demand for parking all the time.

Try listing your parking spaces on websites like ParkatmyHouse or YourParkingSpace. You can determine what the going rate is for a parking spot per day or week or month and list it accordingly. Or, just list your parking space in a local paper or even put up a sign beside your garage. Your property can be making you at least a few bucks this way if you are anywhere near an area where people work, shop or travel.

2. Rent Out The Property For Use As A Photo Or Film Shoot

Depending on where the property is located, it could be that magazine companies or movie making organizations could want to use it as a backdrop for a photo shoot or movie filming. If you have a particular kind of property that the company is interested in, it could be a great choice that will net you some cash. Try listing the property with an agency that deals in finding properties to use for photo shoots or movie productions. They will take a percentage, but you could still make a few bucks this way.

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3. Host A Yard Or Garage Sale

Another way to use property to make some cash is to hold or host a yard or garage sale. You can clear out all the stuff you own that you don’t want anymore and put it up for sale and make money that way. Or, you can offer up your yard to host someone else’s sale for a percentage of the proceeds or for a straight fee.

4. Rent Out A Spare Room

Another way to make money that people have used for hundreds of years is to rent out a room to someone like a college student or other person. You can charge a weekly or monthly rent, and split the cost with your tenant for things like Internet or TV service. You will be doing a service for someone while making money with your real estate.

Renting out a room in can be either long term or short term leases. For instance, a college student may only need it for one semester, but someone else may only need a room for a week or so while they are in town on business. Or, you could find someone who needs a place to stay while their own home is being renovated or repaired. There are lots of ways to advertise a room for rent such AirBNB and similar websites, in the local papers, in magazines or put a sign in the window. Take a look at what other places are charging so you know how much rent to ask.

5. Have A Tupperware Or Other Kind Of Sales Party

Another way is to start a home office and do sales parties like Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Pure Romance, Mary Kay cosmetics, etc. There are many kinds of these companies where you can become a salesperson for them and then get a percentage of the profits. Plus, it can be a fun way to meet other people and have something to do even if you don’t need the money that much. Besides money, this use can net you some free products and discounts so choose one of the sales at home companies that you like the products for double benefits.

6. Swap Your House With Fellow Holiday Goers

This doesn’t make money with your real estate, but it can save you some money if you go on vacation. This is a new and interesting trend where two people swap their homes and locations for the length of their vacation in that area. However, you have to be very careful to screen the people who will be using your estate if you don’t want to be scammed or ripped off and come back to find your things stolen.

7. Become A Tutor at your

Tutoring at your property is yet another way to make you some added monthly cash. If you are good at a particular subject, then you can advertise to do tutoring for the local college or high school. There are also places online that specialize in listing tutors and you can sign up for one of these. Tutoring is usually paid by the hour and you should be sure of the rate you wish to charge and get the contract for the tutoring in writing so you can be sure of being paid and so your client knows what to expect for their money. This may not make any money over the summer when school is out, but it could make you a few bucks during the timeframe that schools and colleges are in session.

8. Use Your Property to Create a Home Office

If you are always at home alone and don’t work outside the house, consider making a home office. You can go online and make money in several ways. Some of these ways involve signing up at survey sites where you can earn money by taking surveys like eRewards or YouGov. Or, you could do some writing or editing by signing up online at several places like odesk or guru. Don’t just sit around and play on social media when you can actually make a few dollars doing things online in your property.